Monday, December 04, 2006

Dean Martin Meets TheLoathlyDaddy

How's this for 27 seconds of wacky video? When Steve Keeter isn't starring in his own major video productions he also works on small press comics! That's right! If you really think you'd want a comic by this guy after seeing this, email him here: Steve has been putting out small press publications longer than I have. Early 70's? If Steve will send me a list of his current books I'll add all that info here. Meanwhile watch this video over and over....

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories #2 and #3

Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories #2 and #3. New Voice Publishing. "It's the Small Press Age of Comics!" is proudly announced at the bottom of these comics. (12 page digest, black and white comics.) And it is true! #2 starts with part 1 of "The Big Book Signing!" and stars Mightyguy. The publishers Fred and Marvin along with MightyGuy go and set up their booth to sell their comics at Bilbo Bagpipe's Big Shop of Comics. Well drawn, funny and is that a cameo of Tim as the bartender? Looks like it. This story is continued and there is a Mr. Doodle 3 page story in the back. Wow, that's a lot of work for $1. *****5 stars out of 5. Great work at a very great price. Get #3 as it continues the story. Will MightyGuy get angry and jump into the action? Read it and see. Back up 3 page story called Large Marge! Great stuff! 12 issues for $12. Back issues $1.00. Email Tim for details on ordering: or send him $12 for 12 issues to: Timothy R. Corrigan POB 25, Houghton, NY 14744