Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Elemental Fources

Press Release For Immediate Release

Earth, Fire, Air, & Water converge in New Baby Productions’ first self-published series, Elemental Fources.

Clawson, MI, May 17, 2008: Fresh publisher New Baby Productions announces its first comic book series, Elemental Fources, for a late 2008 release. With a mix of influences from superheroes to the occult and fantasy, EF will cater to a broad spectrum of fans. As one creator commented, it’s “like Hellboy™ getting thrown in the Marvel™ universe.”

Following in the footsteps of other successful four-person teams, EF contains the adventures of Normandy, Aden, Finola, and Wilhelm, human half-breeds with powers rooted in each of the central elements of philosophy: earth, fire, air, and water.

“I was highly influenced by the Fantastic Four™, the first comic I read as a kid, and Comico Comic’s Elementals™, the series that re-introduced me to the industry as an adult,” stated series editor Eric Mullarky. “When my bid to bring the Elementals back to print failed, I produced my own super-team, the Fources. After much research, I found that there is a lot of historical background that can be touched upon when doing stories based around the four elements.”

Set in the near future, the initial story arc will incorporate aspects of doomsday prophecies surrounding the year 2012. Joined by a cast that includes members of an alchemical secret society, demons, an angel, and an ex-Templar Knight, the Fources will embark on an action-filled tale while still learning to use their powers and determine how they fit in a world on the brink of Armageddon.“EF was lucky enough to have a truly global creative team. Each member was able to contribute a unique voice to the project.”

Writer Crisman Strunk’s (Kentucky) previous credits include work on several horror anthologies. Penciller John Becaro and inker/colorist Ernest Jocson are both very well known in the Filipino art community. David Chow (China) provides colorful cover art. Letterer Jaymes Reed (North Carolina) has eight years of experience in the comics industry, and has worked on a few projects for Dynamite Entertainment. Starting with issue #3, artist J.C. Grande (El Salvador) will provide the pencils.

The Elemental Fources website has a five-page sample of the series, along with creative news and updates and ordering information for a preview edition comic, currently available from IndyPlanet. The URL is


a full color 28-page six-issue mini-series for $3.49, is targeted for an August release.New Baby Productions is an independent comic book publisher formed in 2008 by Eric Mullarky with the intent to self-publish his Elemental Fources series. Eric MullarkyNew Baby Productions

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Demon’s Regret #1--Press Release

“Demon’s Regret” Buzz Building!

As Demon’s Regret #1 is due to arrive in stores on July 10, and with Demon’s Regret #2 due out in late August, buzz is building for the three issue mini-series!

The story of the demon Asmodeus, who regrets following Lucifer but who realizes he has no path to forgiveness or righteousness, is picking up steam. The demon --having chosen evil -- has only evil as his tools. He wields those tools to combat the even greater evils of Lucifer and his followers.

Featuring covers by the legendary Michael Golden, interior art by rising star Wilfredo Torres, and great story by creator Mitch Brown, the “Demon’s Regret” series is gathering strong reviews:

Ain’t It Cool News says, regarding Demon’s Regret #2:

“…a brutal action yarn with lies told, lives lost, and much blood shed.”

…the imagery is pretty fantastic.”

“…does a great job communicating a dynamic story.”

Comics Bulletin says, regarding Demon’s Regret #1:

“… tells an interesting story, and executes that story well.”

“The art itself is really beautiful…”

“Four out of Five bullets.”

Fans of the mini-series can also find a poster of the cover to “Demon’s Regret” issue #2 on the web for purchase, signed by Golden.

Below are some preview pages for Demon's Regret #2! In issue #2, the demon Asmodeus causes a satan worshiping serial killer to collide with a well-protected crime lord with the hopes of killing two birds with one stone!
The concluding issue to the mini-series is due in stores in October. In issue 3, Asmodeus recalls his involvement with history’s most infamous criminals and war mongers. Then, under suspicion from Lucifer, Asmodeus must deceive the Great Deceiver himself!

Check out the series!! Ask for "Demon's Regret" at your comic shop. You can also order back issues from