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The UNITED FANZINE ORGANIZATION (UFO) is a co-op of small-press publishers dedicated to

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TETRAGRAMMATON FRAGMENTS #218 (The UFO Newsletter): The latest issue of The

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CRUSADER: An impressive 6-page superhero tale by Keith Royster & Darrell Goza,

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DITKOMANIA #85: The latest issue of this fanzine devoted to comics artist Steve Ditko

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*PPFSZT! #31: Standard-size 56-page B&W anthology comic (with beautiful color covers)

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TALES OF FANTASY #54: This issue contains a suspenseful Lew Brown adventure, an SF prose

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

GIANTS Comics--Dan Burke editor

It's Collossal and Titanic, It's GIANTS Comics. Magazine size, full color, 32 pages, $10 cover price.
Art and stories by Dan Burke, Chris Wisnia and Rock Baker.

Giants is a throw back to the comics of the 60's/70's....or more likely a parody of those times. It's a fun frolicking blast of adventure and color and comedy. Dan Burke has gone wild editing up this great book. The cover has something from all the stories represented, plus the screening of the color, the checkerboard pattern, and the rectangular box in the upper left corner, all take us back to an earlier time in comics past. The inside cover which carries over to the first page of the book sets the tone. Everything is BIG, and this book is going to be funny!

The first story is "The Green Giantess" by Rock Baker. This story is also like a flashback to the comics of the past, like an issue of Strange Tales. Not sure why all the lettering is so huge but that seems to be a trend in this book. Excellent coloring on this story-not sure who did the coloring here-- but it also reminds me of the silver age comics and how they were handled. This story ends pretty abruptly, seems there was more to come here. Continued in the next issue? Maybe.

The next story is "Fear of the Blue Giants" by Dan Burke. This story is directly inspired by the first story in the book. Not sure I've ever seen this done before. Wait, this is Dan continuing the first story! This is very interesting.....Dan expands on the simple first story giving us a "what if" continuation. Very well done. Does the lead character turn in to Duke Nukem? HA. Dan can sure pack a lot into one page as he does here in this last page of this 4 page story.

The next story "Gabba Gabba Hey!" is not credited but I'm pretty sure is by Dan Burke. He lets it all loose in this one, unleashing a monster of destruction. From the surprise start to the destruction to follow.....Dan is on fire here. I see such improvement in Dan's story telling here. His panel to panel action is easier to follow and he has developed his own style. I love the way he shows the action on pages 6-8 of this story. (and his use of blacks in the art shading.) I also like the way the ending brings us back to what happened at the start. Excellent work here, love it.

Next is "Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures: Poo-Twah!" Now we are really taken back to the early issues of Strange Tales with the man-urned-into-monster story and even the art looks like Jack Kirby, though from his DC comics of the 70's style. I'm guessing this story is by Chris Wisnia as it is not credited though his name is on the credits, page 1. The art seems taken right out of some Kirby comics, or very inspired by them, but the story is a very funny take on those early tales. Great fun! I love all the little editorial mentioning of earlier issues like Stan used to do in the Marvel books! Oh, yes, Chris has his name in the last panel advertising more to come at:

The last story in the book is "Giantia the Mistress of Bigness Battles.....Giant Gia" by Dan Burke. Wow, Dan put in a lot of work for this book. A labor of love here. This story is another (3rd in this issue?) story of two very giant girls. They start fighting and destroying an oil rig out in the ocean. We are introduced to "Deep Sea Diver-Chum Bukler" Ha! Great stuff here. This one has a funny twist ending only Dan could come up with!

There is a page of comic reviews, mentioning books by Larry Johnson, and Jim Main's Main Publications!

Last but not least a beautiful page with 6 Marvel parody covers.....I love this stuff! Fantastic Fools, The Assemblers, and Bulk to name a few......Dan could do a full Burke Age of comics! And he should!

I have no choice but to give this book 5 stars out of 5 as it is very entertaining, funny, and well worth $10.

Get the book from Dan Burke at:
See more work of Christ Wisnia at