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The UNITED FANZINE ORGANIZATION (UFO) is a co-op of small-press publishers dedicated to

setting a higher standard of quality in independent and alternative press. The members mutually aid one another in the promotion and production of their own publications. Any small press creator who is interested in membership in the UFO should contact the Chairman, Steve Shipley, 1825 Eastgate Road, Toledo, OH 43614, or email him at You can find the Official UFO website at ______________________________________________________________________________

TETRAGRAMMATON FRAGMENTS #218 (The UFO Newsletter): The latest issue of The

UFO Newsletter which is the central forum for members, containing columns and artistic work

that cannot be found anywhere else. Available for $2.00 postpaid in the USA from Steve

Shipley (address above).

BOONDOGGLE #1: A brand-new release with comic strips, cartoons and art bySteve Shipley! This 28-page B&W digest (with a beautiful full color cover) is only $2.00 postpaid.

Contact Steve at the address above, or visit him online at

CONVICT #1: A 36-page digest-size B&W comic exploring new and exciting ways of graphic

storytelling! Larry DuCheny is an exciting new talent and proves it with his first UFO comic.

To order a copy, email or visit

CRUSADER: An impressive 6-page superhero tale by Keith Royster & Darrell Goza,

originally done as a tryout for DC's new talent program.

Available at

DITKOMANIA #85: The latest issue of this fanzine devoted to comics artist Steve Ditko

features a long article about his 1960s Warren work. This 32-page B&W digest is available for

$2.50 postpaid in the USA from Rob Imes, 13510 Cambridge #307, Southgate, MI

48195. Email or visit for

more info.

FANTASY THEATER #21: J. Kevin Carrier's popular barbarian heroine Glorianna stars in a

suspenseful and fast moving full-length adventure. A highly entertaining 36-page B&W digest

comic for only $2.00 postpaid from J. Kevin Carrier, 1800 Leven Lane, Milford, OH

45250. You can email him at or visit him on the web at Also, check out his webcomic at

HERO CENTRAL UNIVERSE #3: Jason Bullock presents another installment of HCU in a high

quality comic filled with action and drama. This B&W digest (with color cover) is $3.00 postpaid

from Jason Bullock, P.O. Box 2684, Loganville, GA 30052. You can email him at

jasonb@girafnetwork for more info. Check out his webcomic at

HERO TRIBUTE #1: Darrell Goza offers an innovative mini-comic using previously unpublished

works. A mere 75 cents from Darrell Goza, 1715 E. Cambridge, Allentown, PA 18109.

Email him at for more info, or visit online at

I, CLARIFY!...: 20-page B&W digest-size text publication by Darrell Goza, subtitled "My Final

Commentary on the UFO Digital vs. Print debate." Darrell's essay details his position on the

place of digital publications in the UFO. Contact Darrell at the address above for more details.

*PPFSZT! #31: Standard-size 56-page B&W anthology comic (with beautiful color covers)

featuring strips by Brien Wayne Powell, Al & Rick Limacher, Nate Corrigan, Steve Shipley, Steve

Keeter & more! Available for $7.00 postpaid from Jim Main, 13 Valley View Rd.,

Brookfield, CT 06804. Email Jim at or visit him on the web at for more info.

TALES OF FANTASY #54: This issue contains a suspenseful Lew Brown adventure, an SF prose

tale about Bart Rover, a lively (9-page!) lettercol, and a Space Cat strip. This 44-page B&W

digest-size comic (with gorgeous color covers) is $3.00 postpaid from Larry Johnson, 31

Greenbrook Rd., Hyde Park, MA 03136. Email him or see for more.

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GIANTS Comics--Dan Burke editor

It's Collossal and Titanic, It's GIANTS Comics. Magazine size, full color, 32 pages, $10 cover price.
Art and stories by Dan Burke, Chris Wisnia and Rock Baker.

Giants is a throw back to the comics of the 60's/70's....or more likely a parody of those times. It's a fun frolicking blast of adventure and color and comedy. Dan Burke has gone wild editing up this great book. The cover has something from all the stories represented, plus the screening of the color, the checkerboard pattern, and the rectangular box in the upper left corner, all take us back to an earlier time in comics past. The inside cover which carries over to the first page of the book sets the tone. Everything is BIG, and this book is going to be funny!

The first story is "The Green Giantess" by Rock Baker. This story is also like a flashback to the comics of the past, like an issue of Strange Tales. Not sure why all the lettering is so huge but that seems to be a trend in this book. Excellent coloring on this story-not sure who did the coloring here-- but it also reminds me of the silver age comics and how they were handled. This story ends pretty abruptly, seems there was more to come here. Continued in the next issue? Maybe.

The next story is "Fear of the Blue Giants" by Dan Burke. This story is directly inspired by the first story in the book. Not sure I've ever seen this done before. Wait, this is Dan continuing the first story! This is very interesting.....Dan expands on the simple first story giving us a "what if" continuation. Very well done. Does the lead character turn in to Duke Nukem? HA. Dan can sure pack a lot into one page as he does here in this last page of this 4 page story.

The next story "Gabba Gabba Hey!" is not credited but I'm pretty sure is by Dan Burke. He lets it all loose in this one, unleashing a monster of destruction. From the surprise start to the destruction to follow.....Dan is on fire here. I see such improvement in Dan's story telling here. His panel to panel action is easier to follow and he has developed his own style. I love the way he shows the action on pages 6-8 of this story. (and his use of blacks in the art shading.) I also like the way the ending brings us back to what happened at the start. Excellent work here, love it.

Next is "Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures: Poo-Twah!" Now we are really taken back to the early issues of Strange Tales with the man-urned-into-monster story and even the art looks like Jack Kirby, though from his DC comics of the 70's style. I'm guessing this story is by Chris Wisnia as it is not credited though his name is on the credits, page 1. The art seems taken right out of some Kirby comics, or very inspired by them, but the story is a very funny take on those early tales. Great fun! I love all the little editorial mentioning of earlier issues like Stan used to do in the Marvel books! Oh, yes, Chris has his name in the last panel advertising more to come at:

The last story in the book is "Giantia the Mistress of Bigness Battles.....Giant Gia" by Dan Burke. Wow, Dan put in a lot of work for this book. A labor of love here. This story is another (3rd in this issue?) story of two very giant girls. They start fighting and destroying an oil rig out in the ocean. We are introduced to "Deep Sea Diver-Chum Bukler" Ha! Great stuff here. This one has a funny twist ending only Dan could come up with!

There is a page of comic reviews, mentioning books by Larry Johnson, and Jim Main's Main Publications!

Last but not least a beautiful page with 6 Marvel parody covers.....I love this stuff! Fantastic Fools, The Assemblers, and Bulk to name a few......Dan could do a full Burke Age of comics! And he should!

I have no choice but to give this book 5 stars out of 5 as it is very entertaining, funny, and well worth $10.

Get the book from Dan Burke at:
See more work of Christ Wisnia at

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

San Diego International Comic-Con 2011

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All my photos from San Diego International Comic-Con 2011 in one set on Flickr! Enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Renderwrx Magazine #3--Allen Freeman Interview!

Hi everybody,

Renderwrx Magazine #3 is now out.

I of course would appreciate any help in passing around the news that the new issue is out.

This week the comic will be released on the following digital platforms in addition to the site

If you have any interest in checking it out on those platforms too, feel free.

So I am sure I will be in touch with many of you for various reasons.

Have a good day and thanks for all your continued support.

PaPaul Houston



What a surprise we have in store for you today, fans!


That’s right, fans! “MONSTROSIS” (A Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventure in the classic Atlas era Lee-Kirby style) chapters one AND two, are now available as digital downloads for your desktop, iPad or iPhone! SLG Publishing is offering issue number one COMPLETELY FREE, and issue number two is only 99 cents! For that price, you can afford to buy three of each and never even bother to read ‘em! What are you waiting for???! Go RIGHT NOW to start downloading and reading:

Be sure to rate the comic five or so stars after you download it!

MONSTROSIS will be released digitally in six fantastic chapters, and then collected in an actual NON-DIGITAL book at the end of the year!

* * *

MONSTERS! Giant monsters to be exact. Big bug-eyed monsters in the grand tradition of Jack Kirby and all of the comics we used to know and love. One of the oddest comics you will ever read, Monstrosis follows our favorite hero Doris Danger as she delves deep into the mystery of the giant monsters that seem to be everywhere.

Written and illustrated by Chris Wisnia, people love Monstrosis and its odd, quirky humor.


"This has got to be the most eccentric comics project I have ever seen." - Daniel Clowes

"I can't help but be depressed about real-life not being this awesome." - Jhonen Vasquez

“It’s like finding a hidden treasure.” - Steve Niles

The giddiness of this stuff is contagious.” - Brian Azzarello

“If you like giant monsters, AND Doris Danger, then how could you possibly not LOVE Doris Danger Giant Monster Stories? ” - Peter Bagge

(See more quotes of endorsement from your favorites comics creators here: )

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Ringcat by Donna Barr

Lulu made Donna Barr's "Ringcat" into an e-book: Lulu made Donna Barr's "Ringcat" into an e-book:
Donna Barr9:21am Jul 2
Lulu made Donna Barr's "Ringcat" into an e-book: Lulu made Donna Barr's "Ringcat" into an e-book:
Ringcat by Donna Barr - Download Ringcat with iBooks


Henning Asbach is an SS officer assigned to investigate a series of grave robberies in the backwater province called The Share. But the assignment won't be as easy as he imagined, as the close-mouthed inhabitants of the Share seem to be hiding an even more terrible secret. Ringcat is both touching and horrific, a tale of a Third Reich that never was. It is in the form of a prose novelette, spiced throughout with elegant illustrations served in portions from the original Black Manuscript story.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rosie and Jacinda

"Rosie and Jacinda... a Teenage Romantic Comedy with a hint of Fairytale

Rosie and Jacinda is the first collaboration between Richy K. Chandler [please hyperlink to] (Delicate Axiom, The Tempo Lush mini-comic range, Wallace & Gromit newspaper strip) and award winning manga artist Zarina Liew [please hyperlink to] (The Art of Sleep series, Le Mime webcomic).

The Cobalt Cafe / Tempo Lush coproduction tells the story of unpopular student Jacinda and her begrudging friendship with new girl Rosie, who seems more than a little out of place at school, and possibly out of time too. Chandler tailored the fantasy comedy script to suit Liew’s Fashion Illustration meets Manga style artwork.

Find out more and buy the comic at at

Richy K. Chandler
Tempo Lush
Comics, Illustrations & Design for the Cosmically Enlightened
07810 55 40 72

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Harlem Shadow


I just wanted to let you know that the webcomic project "The Harlem Shadow" has been published recently by Graphicly, illustrated by me It's a crime noir story -very entertaining. It would be really great if you could mention it briefly on your website.
Best wishes.

Rodolfo Buscaglia

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Comic artist's work to be entombed in Poe's home.

Comic artist's work to be entombed in Poe's home.

Wes HufforPALM SPRINGS, Calif -- A horror comic book artist from the California desert will travel across the country to see his art plastered in the home of one of America’s most legendary writers.

Wes Huffor, an artist who has drawn horror comics for a handful of publishers (including himself), will travel June 23 to the New York cottage of Edgar Allen Poe. There, an untitled piece of art will be entombed in the walls of the cottage as part of an effort by the Historic House Trust of New York City.

Huffor’s drawing took first place in a contest held by the non-profit organization. Titled “How Does Edgar Allen Poe Inspire You?,” the contest called for pieces of drawn and written art to be placed in the walls, creating a kind of artistic time-capsule.

Wes’ untitled piece features a Poe-inspired raven and candles drenched in melancholy atmosphere. The piece was commissioned by a fan at a convention in Anaheim, CA earlier this year.

“I really felt that using the image of the bird, with the candles, the empty liquor bottle, skulls and sense of being trapped within your own dark room was the right way to create the feeling of being trapped within your own darkness,” Huffor said.

Read more here:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yumishira #0

New From James Rubiono!
The future has never looked better.
Oriental Space Lily

Written and Illustrated by James Rubino

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

The long-awaited Pre-Series Intro-Issue is jammed with exciting info on Yumishira, her personal life, her arch-enemies, Intergalactipol and more (not to mention loads of artwork featuring the most beautiful girl in the universe)!

In the 22nd Century Intergalactipol field-agent YUMISHIRA- ORIENTAL SPACE LILY fights evil and corruption.

YUMISHIRA- Oriental Space Lily #0 TM and © James Rubino. All rights reserved.

to get it:
send $4.00 per copy (Includes Shipping)

James Rubino, P.O. Box 760351, San Antonio, Texas 78245

or order online at
or through our new distributor

review coming soon.......right here.

Get a free ad for your comic company! Hey, why not! Sell it now.

I just did it for Slam Bang #6 vol. III.....I'll let you know how many more books I sell from it.

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3-D Pete's Star Babe Invasion Comics


Goof Man Productions is all tingly to announce the release of the second issue of 3-D Pete's Star Babe Invasion Comics! The book takes an admiring look at those charismatic, curvaceous creatures from the cosmos...Star Babes!

"I don't know why I tend to focus on Star Babes, " admits the head honcho of Goofa Man Productions, Mike Fisher. "I mean, they're voluptuous women in skimpy costumes flying around in retro spaceships, blowing things to bits with cool-ass ray guns. Why would ANY guy be drawn to that? I just can't figure it out." he wonders.

This cosmic issue features a fun commentary on the Jane Fonda's classic Star Babe flick, Barbarella,. Plus, read a 3-D Pete tale of UFO abduction as well as an analysis of the Star Babes in the original Star Trek television series. This issue has illustration of sexy Julie Newmar, Raquel Welch, Marta Kristen, Nancy Kovack, and more! Don't forget the full-color center spread of a gorgeous galactic girl! SKWONK-A-DONK!

The biggest scoop in this issue is an interview with fabulous Rachelle Wood---the most famous Star Babe you've never heard of! Rachelle plays one of the hottie Star Babes in the Bud Light Close Encounters commercial which has enjoyed a tremendous amount of air time. Rachelle reveals all her Star Babe secrets when she confesses, "I was a Bud LIght Star Babe!"

Fisher produces cartoons for Animation Magazine and other publications as well as online sites. He contributed cartoons to Starlog magazine for over 20 years.

In addition, Fisher produces award-winning independent short animations, which have shown at film festivals across the country. His latest short video is a 30-minute documentary about UFS's, titled Craft of Unknown Origin. In tis video, Fisher uses his animation skills to visualize what UFO witnesses have seen.

If you have a questions for Mike, please contact him at
See more of Mike's work at

To order 3-D Pete's Star Babe Invasion Comics:
The book is a 24-page, digest-sized comic with a full-color cover and a fabulous full-color center spread of a Star Babe! Order now!

Issue Two (The Latest Issue) --Just send $5 to the address below.
Collector's Item, Issue 1---Send $10 for this classic edition! Pet takes a look at Devil Girl from Mars as well as Star Babes from Star Trek and Lost in Space! While Supplies Last!

Star Babe Invasion/Mike Fisher
510 Enchanted Way
San Antonio, TX

Please make checks payable to Mike Fisher and specify which issues(s) you'd like, Thanks!

KettleDrummer Books


Just a reminder to all friends of KettleDrummer Books that we have two great new titles available in the June issue of Previews (page 293).

Meow. The best-selling comic by Spanish artist José Fonollosa makes its English language debut. Follow the always delightful antics of two frisky felines and their beleaguered owners in this charming collection of strips. Perfect for lovers of cats and comics alike.

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, but no need to fret! If you prefer your horror tinged with acid wit and populated by buxom, gun-toting vixens, then look no further! She Only Liked Me For My Brains, by Julio Videras and Isaac Caanova, is just the thing for you! With an introduction by Juan José Ryp (Wolverine: The Best There Is)

Please, remind your local comic shop to order both of these fantastic new books!

Thanks a lot for all of your support!!

Lance Hansen,
KettleDrummer Books

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman-Digital Visions #4

Cobra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman (Sounds like a good movie title.)

30 pages of high octane comics in full color. The stories pull you in and offer plenty of plot and action. The art is very good with excellent coloring. Well worth a look! (And free to read online or download!) 5 out of 5 Stars.


Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman makes her color debut in Visionary Comics’ Digital Visions #4!

New up-and-coming writer Sam Johnson (Geek-Girl, Gold Town) and artist Bruno Letizia (CLiNT Mag, Interferenza) introduce us to a bizarre new world of horror!

“Cabra Cini is a character close to my heart, whom I have big plans for,” says Sam. “There’s a one-shot already in the can, illustrated by Fernando Melek & Gaston Zubeldia, but this story--‘Voodoo Trespass’--is where Cabra makes her debut--and we’re thrown headlong into her twisted world.”

A world where Cabra, an ex-crack whore, has cleaned up her act and, for horrific reasons--revealed in Digital Visions #4--become a hitwoman. “But not just any hitwoman,” Sam adds; “Voodoo is a weapon Cabra employs--along with her array of blades and guns--and she’s developed her own bastardized version of the art: which she uses to dramatic effect in carrying out her hits.

“One of the ways she uses it is to access a dimension known as ‘The Infinity’--Limbo’s ‘crazy cousin--locked away in the attic’--which can serve as a dimensional gateway between where you are and wherever you want to go. Though, with what the ruler of The Infinity throws at its trespassers, the journey can come at a monstrously high cost, as Cabra--hired by bereaved parents to take out the guy who killed their daughter,‘playing vampire--is about to learn…”

Digital Visions #4 also features:

Deity: The Darkness and the Light #0 by Karl Altstaetter & Robert Napton. An interdimensional war wages for the very fate of reality. Our only hope? A sixteen-year-old Earth girl. Can she survive the dangers of 2027 Los Angeles and avoid vicious aliens long enough to fulfill her destiny? Picking up where the first Deity series left off, this ‘jump-on’ story will introduce newcomers to both old evils and brand new ones!

Gangland Avalon by A. David Lewis, Michael Angelo Lee & Chuck Bordell. Sit in on a tense meeting with the Cavalieres and the Moores as they discuss control of the town. And this is a mob meeting with a difference, as both families aren’t just packing guns, they’re wielding magic!

Digital Visions #4. 30 pages. Suggested for Mature Readers. Available to read online or download FREE at