Friday, August 22, 2008

JFH: Justice-For-Hire

DATE: August 21, 2008
JFH: Justice-For-Hire” Comic Book Action Choreographer
Fights in Beijing Olympics Trial Sport

The mixed martial arts sport of San Shou - which combines American Boxing,
Chinese Kickboxing, and Mongolian Wrestling – has struggled for years to gain
mainstream acceptance despite a large international following and the long-time support
of MMA fighting icons such as Cung Le. Now, the sport has been given its greatest
opportunity for exposure yet – the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Although not
officially a part of the Olympic games, China, as the hosting country, has chosen San
Shou as the official trial sport with hopes of it being formally initiated into the Olympics.
After fighting on the US San Shou Team for his fourth consecutive term,
Maximillion C. J. Chen – Max Chen for short – one of the top San Shou competitors in
the US and son of the living treasure of China, Tai Chi Chuan master William C. C.
Chen, earned one of two spots to represent the United States in this historic international
event. The first of Max’s bouts begin today.

As a tribute to Max’s already grand accomplishment, his teammates at the Martial
Arts Creative Team (M.A.C.T.), the action design group that choreographs both the
comic book and live action choreography for the critically acclaimed “JFH: justice-For-
Hire” comic books and films, have put together a video for Max on their newly launched
YouTube Channel to encourage him throughout his fights in Beijing. The channel will
also display regularly updated episodic content of live action side-storylines that
supplement the larger story arc of the “JFH” comic book universe, in which Max plays
the role of the character “Sudden K.O.”. The video is available at:

The entire first season of the “JFH: Justice-For-Hire” comic book series is now
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