Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BLINK: Barefoot in America, Breakfast in the Park

BLINK, "Barefoot in America, Breakfast in the Park is by Max Ink. Digest size, tan quality paper cover, 28 pages. Black and white interior. $3.00

Wow did I love this comic. It doesn't have anyone with superpowers, or vampires and such. What it does have is down-to-earth folks talking to each other in real ways. The art is very professional. My only complaint is that this should be a full size comic! The book was most likely to eventually be larger as the lettering is somewhat small, which would be in proportion if this was a full size comic. The art carries you along and flows with the story. Everything comes together just right. I can't say more than I give this great book 5 stars out of 5. No, really, I liked everything here. Just make it a full size and put it out! I'm sure people will love the characters and want more. Make it an ongoing story as you are doing anyway. Now I have to get more of your books. I read that some of the mini-comics you have out are free? I can afford that. I also liked the "Creatorial" at the front, and the "The Local Story" in the back. Bravo! and contact Max Ink at: and see more at: and

Midnight Fiction presents: Bug Infested Comics

Midnight Fiction presents: Bug Infested Comics #5. $2.00, all color! 8 page mini-comic (counting covers, which are comics actually.) Well I just read this and it seems to be a bug infested humor comic by the likes of Bob Vojtko and Richard Krause. (I lost the letter if there was one with this, sorry, I think.)
A great little mini-comic made that much funnier and betterer (not a real word) by the likes of color! Great job guys! Makes me wish you'd sent issues 1-5 instead of just this tasty tid-bit. Though some will feel that $2 is way too much for a mini-comic, I say thee nay! I know color costs real bucks and think of all the extra time it took to color these fine I say it is worth every penny!
Get yours at: or send some cash or coin to: Richard Krauss #293, 6327C SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97239. (And I'm not giving this 4 stars just because one of these guys has been in one of my anthologies! No! Or because one of them reviewed one of my books once. No! Stricktly based on the humor, art, production, and coloring.)