Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Al Burian Goes to Hell--Microcosm Publishing

Al Burian Goes to Hell, by Al Burian. 88 page full size comic, black and white, $6 from Microcosm Publishing. I've received a batch of books from Microcosm and they are all very high quality, very interesting comic graphic novels. I'll be reviewing them soon, meanwhile I just got this comic from them in the mail and read it cover to cover. Al seems to have some deep depression issues for sure which are all brought to light here. It was very interesting also for being a loose version of Dante's Inferno (A book that Al can't seem to find in his house.) The art is very simple but moves the story along nicely and fits the style of the writing very well. A dark story for sure, it will not brighten your day, but it will entertain you.

Five stars out of five *****

Get the book here along with the full catalog of books, t-shirts, stickers and more:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trek Babe Supreme-New Animation from Mike Fisher


Goofa Man Productions is happy to announce a brand new online animation that dares to go where no man has gone before!

Yes! G.M. Productions' new animation — Trek Babe Supreme — dares to answer the question, "Which Star Babe in all of the ORIGINAL Star Trek series is the most awesome?"

Goofa Man operatives interviewed Star Babe experts from all over the galaxy in order to
determine the answer to this question. After many sweaty hours of tabulating votes and cross-referencing fetching females from Mr. Gene Roddenberry's retro-sci-fi classic, we determined a winner! And if you'd like to see who we selected as Trek Babe Supreme from that sexy 1960s tv show, then just click on the following link to see the Trek Babe Supremeanimation. Posted on the Goofa Man Productions' YouTube channel, the 3.5-minute animation is a fun salute to Star Trek and its beautiful women.

Animator Mike Fisher says, "We don't need another oil-soaked pelican or robot-voiced pop song, but we DO need a firm, unwavering statement from a reliable authority declaring one woman as the supreme Star Babe from the original Star Trek series." Fisher went on to say, rather defensively, "I know we're talking about a television show that is almost 50 years old. And yes, yes, we should all move on with our lives like that nice William Shatner has done."

"Look, I'm NOT one of those guys who thinks only of tv shows and movies from the 1960s," Fisher loudly stated.

"I like tv shows and movies from the 1970s, too!" he sobbed as he ran upstairs.

What's that? You say you disagree with the Goofa Man choice of Trek Babe Supreme? Well, feel free to leave a note at the YouTube
channel stating who YOU would have chosen as Trek Babe Supreme... Who knows? Maybe there will be another Trek Babe Supreme
animation in the future!

Goofa Man Productions is the animation and cartoon studio of Mike Fisher. Mike has been producing award-winning independent, short animations for over 10 years. He also creates cartoons and illustrations for Animation Magazine, Scary Monsters Magazine and, for over 15 years, created cartoons for Starlog magazine.

If you have any questions for Mike, please contact him at Thanks for your interest!

Web site:
YouTube channel:
Phone: (210) 455-4730