Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Al Burian Goes to Hell--Microcosm Publishing

Al Burian Goes to Hell, by Al Burian. 88 page full size comic, black and white, $6 from Microcosm Publishing. I've received a batch of books from Microcosm and they are all very high quality, very interesting comic graphic novels. I'll be reviewing them soon, meanwhile I just got this comic from them in the mail and read it cover to cover. Al seems to have some deep depression issues for sure which are all brought to light here. It was very interesting also for being a loose version of Dante's Inferno (A book that Al can't seem to find in his house.) The art is very simple but moves the story along nicely and fits the style of the writing very well. A dark story for sure, it will not brighten your day, but it will entertain you.

Five stars out of five *****

Get the book here along with the full catalog of books, t-shirts, stickers and more:

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