Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ka-Whump! #2 Small Press and Underground Review Zine

Ka-Whump! #2. I'll be honest. It is hard for me to review this magazine since I did the cover art, it had an interview with me, and I got rave reviews for 3 of my Fan-Atic Press comics. So, if you can look past all that and believe me when I tell you that this is the best News and Reviews zine I've seen for Small Press comics in years, I'm telling the truth. 40+ pages, mag size, excellent printing quality, nice layouts, cheap advertising rates, over 60 comics reviewed! All the news and important stuff happening in small press comics! Who could possibly ask for more? Robert L. Sumner who is a publisher of comics himself (Altered Fates Entertainment), put out a digest size Ka-Whump! #1 a few months back and got my attention. He is the mastermind behind this venture and I can't wait to see where future issues lead. Whatever you do help support this mag!
Send $3.50 per issue or 2 issues (a 1 year subscription) for $6 or a 2 year sub for $11.00 (that's 4 issues!) and save $3.00. Send cash, check or money order made out to Robert L. Sumner. Send it all to: Robert L. Sumner, PO Box 1523, Depoe Bay, OR 97341 (This of course gets 5 stars!) Next issue comes out in June so send your review copies right away! Email him at: for any questons, press releases, comic news or just to say hi.

Press Release from Blind Bat Press...

Press Release RE: The Comic Eye - Comics about Comics Trade Paperback From Blind Bat Press. September, 2007 Blind Bat Press will release a 144 page trade Paperback containing dozens of comic strips on the theme of comics, comic fans and comics creators. Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus will be drawing the front cover and interior strips by terrific talents from the USA and Canada, including:Rick Geary, Fred Hembeck, Rob Walton, Nick Craine, Randy Reynaldo, Steve Skeates, Allen Freeman, Mike Cherkas, Earl Geier, Terry Pavlet, Larry Blake, Gord Pullar, Dave Collier, Jim Siergey, John Migliore, James Waley, Robert Pincombe, Tim Tobolski, Ron Kasman, Ron Hobbs, Matt Feazell, George McVey, Steve LeBlanc, Bernie Mireault, Sam Agro, Paul McCusker, Noel Tuazon, Jim Ordolis, Patrick Dean Smith, Sam Gafford. Scott McClung, Oliver Costas, Russ Maheras, Joe Ollmann, Jason Whitley, Tim Corrigan, Larry Johnson, Dan Taylor and tentatively: Richard Comely, Bob Corby, Matthew Forsythe, Vince Marchesano and likely a surprise artists!This trade paperback will be 6.7 by 10.1 inches, squarebound with cover coloring by Bernie Mireault.The ship date is set for early Septmebr 2007, printed and shipped from Lebonfon Printing in Montreal.The ISBN for this book will be ISBN 0-9782197-0-8, price set at 11.95 US / 13.95 CAN.For more information contact Mark Innes, publisher and editor, and for updates watch .Since 1990, Blind Bat Press has been publishing comic books including: Dreamtime, Romantic Eye, Glass Eye, Oatmeal, Wavemakers and Dinky The Hamster.Mark Innes,Blind Bat Press, 40-1 - 21 Duke Street, Hamilton, ON L8P 1W8 Canada

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Sorry for the delay but I plan to post lots of new comics here for review this week. Keep them coming in!