Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kafe Gavani-Edgar J Barrett

From the web site:

Multisick Press presents the free online serialisation of the stunning debut novel by author Edgar J Barrett. Unlike anything ever written, Kafe Gavani can be briefly described as a surreal comedy that manages to simulatenously amuse, agitiate, arouse and appall.

As Edgar made his own horrific journey through the underbelly of existence, he left a paper trail that would become Kafe Gavani. In 2004 Edgar handed over his writing to his trusted acquaintance Godfrey Redburn, asking him to oversee the editing and publishing of his writing in the form of a novel.

It was decided that serialisation on the Internet was the best platform for the initial publication, as such a fresh and unique piece of literature called for an equally fresh and unique method of publication.

Prior to the release of the hard copy, starting November 2007, Kafe Gavani will be revealed to an unsuspecting public with new installments released each Sunday.
I have not read the story yet but I sure will as this looks very interesting!---AF