Friday, August 14, 2009


I liked Mike Fisher's flyer so much I have it above. Just click on it for all the funny, insightful info about his cool comic digest: 3-D Pete's Star Babe Invasion Special! 12 pages, black and white digest, with color covers and color centerspread!

I was waiting for my wife to get her hair done. It was to take one hour. After about 90 minutes of waiting, with the last 30 minutes in the car, I grabbed the mail that I'd not opened yet. To my surprise and happiness here was a review copy of 3-D Pete's STAR BABE INVASION Special. It looks like Mike Fisher did all this himself. Impressive. The articles and comics: "Devil Girl From Mars 1954", Classic Sex Symbol- Raquel Welch", "Two of the Best Places (to find Star Babes)", "How Well Will You Do ? (Great Galactic Matrix of Star Babeness Quiz)", "Gort, The Planet Dstroyer- Interview" and A FULL COLOR CENTER SPREAD!

Wow, I was having a blast reading all this. Great art of Roquel Welch, the "Devil Girl" strip, more great Star Babe art than you can shake a ray-gun at! Plus such learn about the girls of Lost in Space and Star Trek...whew.....I'm all sweaty just looking this over again....I need a cold shower and it's not even the end of the month yet.

Photos, articles, comics, and good girl art......pant, gasp.....just order it now before I have a heart attack!

(6 stars out of 5) How? I don't even know.

Here comes my wife. Just got the book finished. Stashed it under the car seat. This one's a keeper.

Contact Mike Fisher at: and

$5 gets the book and pays the shipping and keeps Mike off your back.....just do it. (Make Checks/Money Orders out to Mike Fisher) Send it to:
Star Babe Invasion, 510 Enchanted Way, San Antonio, TX 78260 (Or whatever is on that flyer up above. You did click on it, right?)

City of Fever- Mad Ink inc.

City of Fever by Mad Ink Inc.
Written and Edited by Kalean Spigel. Penciled and Inked by: Rodolfo Maximiliano Buscaglia. Colored by Vanu Adieuka. Lettered by Jason Arthur. Front and Inside cover by Greag Folender.

I've only seen a few pages of City of Fever, but it looks fantastic! I can't wait to see the full comic. Penciler and Inker Rodolfo was nice enough to send me some advance pages and the intro pages. This should be a huge hit! I'll post more when I've seen the full book, but from what I've seen so far you should go to: and order this book!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mini-Comics Box Set-Tempo Lush-Richy K. Chandler

Ten Mini-Comics, One Box, In the Shape of a Bear!

I go to the mailbox and inside find a nice little box. Upon opening it I find another box. But this box is like no other. It's a bear box! Full of mini-comics! Wow! Color mini comics for the most part and all are lovely and so different from each other! Lucy the Octopus: A very high production color strip on high quaility paper no less. Funny stories, well drawn!

Get your Bear Box from Tempo Lush today. All the work is by Rocky K. Chandler (my new alternative press hero!).

Make sure you check out his work here:

Find out how to get his comics shipped to you from over the pond (London) to the US, or wherever you may be. You'll get a laugh! A belly full of laughs and a conversation piece on your bookshelf. A bear box? Yes, a bear box full of comics! No where else but Tempo Lush.

---5 Stars out of 5--- no lie.