Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Superaliens Pal - Timmy Olsen---Dan Burke

Superaliens Pal, Timy Olsen--The Cross Dressing Timmy Olson" Dan Burke has done it again with another super parody of classic comic characters. This time he sends up Jimmy Olsen as Timmy Olsen that will do anything to get the story! I won't give away the story but Superman (Here he is Superalien) is in a story where Timmy Olsen must dress the part to get on the inside for a story. Will he do anything? Does he go, too far? HA! Lots of laughs here! There is another story called Rat Man this is equally hilarious! I loved Dan's take on his origin...a very funny take on the "BatMan" origin. This one really takes a turn! Plus a short story again making fun of a classic comic character THOR. Here we have Journey Into Misery with THOP! God of Plumbing! What a crazy origin here and I particularly love the panel where Dr. Flake says, "Why am I hiking in a business suit with my crippled legs?" HA! Good question.

Everyone that knows anything about comics of the past will love this take-off of the characters that Dan has chosen to parody here.

To get a copy go to http://www.attackearth.com tell Dan you saw this review here!

5 Stars out of 5, a sure fire winner!

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