Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twelve-Way with Cheese #1

Twelve-Way with Cheese #1, Zombie Marge Comix Group, A Holy Owned Division of Zombie & Zombie, Mature Readers, Comix by the Dozen.

Art Zombies: Brennan Bradford, Bruce Chrislip, Daryll Collins, Jerry Dowling, Tim Fuller, Brian Hagen, David Hartz, Woodrow J. Hinton III, Bob Kahnman, Darcy Vorhees, Christina Wald, Viki Woodworth, Forward by Justin Green. $20, printed through Comixpress, 106 interior pages, full color throughout. Bright white paper, simi-gloss, color covers inside and out. Square-bound.

This is a series of comic parodies, and satire with tons of funny old comic book ads very well written and illustrated throughout the book. Oh, and there are tons of great comics in the book like: A Prayer to St. Larriby (Patron Saint of Cartoonists), Redneck Fever (by D. Collins), Brian Hagen's A.D.D.-Man, Dazed and Distracted? (by Viki Woodworth), The Unauthorized (Slightly factual) story of Bazooka Joe (by D. Collins), Jack Hammer Hardboiled Hare (by Tim Fuller), Monster Pals Go On Vacation (by Viki Woodworth), a parody comic book called The Condo of Terror (looks like an old EC comic), lots more...
Christina Wald sent me the comic for review and she did the comic strip: The People in the Stars. It is like a childrens story with a royal family in some other solar system and the prince helps out an elephant that is in the circus. The story is continued as are one or two others in the book so I have high hopes for more issues of Twelve-Way with Cheese.

This is a very funny, very professional production from start to finish. All of the artists are professionals I can tell. I can't say enough good things about this book. All I know is you have to buy it and read it. Well worth the $20 cover price.

OK, since you asked my favorite parts were: Which Prize Do You Want (Inside front cover), I never knew selling cannibis seeds door to door could be so rewarding! Loved page 2 (not numbered) with all the great old ads for X-Rated Specs, Hypno-Coin, Xombie Marge Mask and of course The FREE One Million CASH. (When you choose a fast-paced career in Armed Robery!), Crap! On page #1 (Finally the pages start getting numbered...) a contents page we are told that the ads in this book are NOT real! And I already cut out all the coupons and mailed out all the checks...pooop.

I liked all the cartoons in the Cartoon Succotash comic panel pages. Great stuff. Daryll Collins work is darn funny. Then there is a Zombie Illustraed Swimsuit Models section by Brennan Bradford (art) and Tim Fuller (text). This is better than Cracked or Mad! Mistletoe-Time! is a sad comic, very well done. Another comic parody this time: Marge's Little Voodoo! Marge's comics company desides to do a comic for kids.....after it failed they were all shot in the head. Wow, this is one serious comic company!

There is a one page Humpty Dumpty story told in four card shaped've got to see the ending!

Yet another comic book parody is: Deductive Comics by Bob Kahnman. Wow, the hits just keep on coming!

More great comics and more great ads and then the Dead Letter Office (Memos to the Corpse in Charge). Everyone knows I love funny letters in phoney letters pages....and this book has one!

Last and very least is the part that talks about the creators with some funny self-portraits as well.....What the heck....If I was you, I'd send $40 for this $20 comic! Just do it!

Now I must go door-to-door selling my boxes of cannibus seeds, I only have to sell 4000 to get my "Li'l Pornographers Kit".

2 Thumbs way up, 5 stars ***** out of 5! (Bust a Cap Today!)

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Christina said...

Thanks for the great review Allen...
This was a cool book to be a part of. Hopefully there will be more if Tim is up for it. As you know, putting one of these books takes HUGE effort-part herding cats and countless hours of slavish design work. Give him several months of prozac and heavy drinking and maybe he will be at the point of actually taking the plunge again...