Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ed Bolman on TV (Wife Swap)

Ed Bolman contributor to Slam Bang in the 80's and 90's and to lots of other small press rags was on TV last night. Wife Swap. They took his cool radio jock wife and traded her in for a crazy, freaked out, screaming, fright of a lady. Poor Ed. If they ever re-run it I'll post the time here. Meanwhile Ed has been busy working on a 4 issue comic book called: Rock and Roll Death Wagon! Soon to be out from Fan-Atic Press, no less. Watch for more info on this blog.

And yes, the guy on the left is Chuck Bunker (where is he now?) the guy on the right drawing is Ed Bolman. Taken at the Chicago Comic Con in 1987. Jim Main is our winner of the Who is in this photo Contest. Jim wins a free copy of Slam Bang #3 vol III. Congratulations Jim!