Sunday, May 13, 2007

Our Soundtrack Project #1

Our Soundtrack Project #1, is magazine size, black and white interiors, text with some photos zine. Color cover. 18 pages not counting covers. Here is a bit from their intro page:

There are songs that mark pivotal moments in our lives. Songs that stand out in our memory and take us back to a place of joy, pain, love, or love lost. These are the songs you sing aloud when you hear them after a few drinks at the bar, no matter who might be watching. They are the ones you scream into the wind while driving with your windows down. Our Soundtrack Project is an idea for a compilation of stories from our lives that we associate with specific songs that we know, love, or maybe even hate.

This little zine is very fun to read. Really nice, excellent stories by Laurie Marie Taylor:"Naive Melody"-The Talking Heads, Catherine Lemoreus:"Pretty Pathetic"-The Smoking Popes, Joshua Hamilton; "Help" - The Beatles, Scott Free (love that name): "An American Tune" -Simon and Garfunkel, and many more.... I'm still reading them and there is so much packed in here, I love it. Great idea. And they are looking for submissions. (4 stars)
It says "free" on the cover but I'm sure you'll have to send some postage. Our Soundtrack Project/ c/o Josh Hamilton/1425 7th Street #2/Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 or email them at oursoundtrackproject@gmail or their web site: