Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hate Song #2- Fred Grisolm

Hate Song #2 is a collection of some of the web comic Hate Song by Fred Grisolm. This is a 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" book with color covers and black and white with gray tones interior of strips. Very nicely printed I should add. Cover price $3. The strip is about Berry and Lewis two guys that move into a house as they are nephews of a Mr. Laudermelk. The brothers are very strange and one is actually shooting at school kids with rifle (something that I don't think should be in a comic to give kids more ideas along these lines.), the other is collecting his fecal matter in the freezer and documenting it in a notebook for research. Strange stuff to be sure. Even though this is wacky weirdness the art is so good that you follow along and can't resist wanting to read more about these characters. I'm sure Fred is just pushing the envelope here to get attention, something I'm sure will happen when more people read his comics. There are 3 bonus pages with descriptions of some of the characters, in the back. (4 out of 5) He didn't put in any credits, how to order or any other info than a few web addresses hidden in the back of the book. Oh, there is a very strange one page strip (mature audiences for all of this stuff by the way.) and it does credit the artist Jamie Dee Galey. "Fred and Jamie". I happened to have some of these nice creators from Canada sitting next to me in San Diego this year. Their books were very popular. I'll be reviewing more of their work here soon. You can purchase this book and more like it at: www.hatesong.com/items just scroll down the page a bit to see them. Also read more at: http://hate-song.livejournal.com/ and http://boxcarcomics.com/ click HERE for a online interview with Fred Grisolm that I just found on the net. Enjoy!