Friday, December 17, 2010

Pork Belly Holiday Special! Weird Muse Productions

Dan Taylor produces some of the best mini-comics out there in the small press world! This mature readers issue is: Pork Belly Holiday Special (SANTA Issue!). Dan does his usual fantastic art on the cover showing a particular porky santa holding an apple. Porky Santa is warning us that this issue is for Adults Only! And that's a good thing he is warning us as some of the pages in the back do get a bit racy. Dan's intro thanks all the folks that have supported his work in the last 31 years! Wow. And in this issue we have: Allen Freeman (me), Andy Nukes, Brad W. Foster, Carrie Taylor, Dexer Cockburn, Hal Weaver, Macedonio Garcia, Ralf Schulze, Simon Mackie, and Vincent Wright! Whew...lots packed into this little Red cover, 16 page mini (including the covers). My only concern was that my old eyes couldn't make out what appeared to be some fine cartooning from Simon Mackie as his pages were so small to fit the mini-comic size they got too small for me to read. Love to see his work in at least a digest size or full comic size at some point.

5 out of 5 stars.....get everything that Dan Taylor puts out! or ask questions to Dan at

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