Thursday, August 02, 2007

Quiblets, Edmund Conti and cartoonist Jim Siergey to be released by Doggerel Daze

A news release:

Quiblets, a unique collaboration between wordsmith Edmund Conti and cartoonist Jim Siergey, will be released by Doggerel Daze in September. The book is a collection of word-play poems, mostly comic and always intriquing, and also a series of cartoons. Part of the fun is seeing the ways in which the poems and pictures interact. Sample pages can be viewed at

"Quiblets offer delightful word play, letter play, and mind play. The verses are so light that they float--and so substantial that the reader gains a new appreciation for the potentialities of language." --Richard Lederer

The pocket-sized book sells for only $5.95. Orders received by mail (Doggerel Daze; 10144 Riedel Place; Cupertino, CA 95014) before the release date, September 15, will receive free shipping.