Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tales from the Seventh Galaxy #3--James Rubino

Tales from the Seventh Galaxy #3 (TFTSG3) by James Rubino is a full size comic, glossy color covers, 32 page comic. $3.00 (Not the deceptive, psychologically-manipulative $2.99)

The art by James is sort of his own version of a Jack Kirby of the DC Comics days. He's made it his own though, and has an original feel to it. The coloring on the cover was different. Reminded me of the old days where you had to hand cut the films to get the flat colors you wanted. I guess he was going for this look. The stories in the book all seem very original (written by James) and seem to come from someone that really likes sci-fi novels. His writing becomes even more creative than the panel to panel artwork. The art seems to be just there to add some punch to the stories, not the other way around as in most comics it seems. I love the down-home feel that James gives to his comic like having a photo of him in the bottom corner from what looks to be his 5th grade class photo. James art is polished but could use some work in the proportions of the characters. He uses a front on pose way too much in his work but his faces are very well done. The more I looked at the art the more I'm thinking that the way the characters legs and arms seem to "get small" could be his "style". I love the way he added the grey tones to his work and the lettering throughout is masterful. He definitely has a knack for the layout of the book, and how to make it look professional. I'm not sure if this was to be a joke or not, but I found it funny that the art on the letters page that takes up about 75% of the page, has characters telling us how sorry they couldn't print more letters, as there just wasn't enough room. Funny stuff. From the look of the printed letters James has a following for this series and like them, I can't wait to see more. P.S. And yes, everyone is right, Yumishira must get her own comic book. [***3 out of 5 stars]
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