Thursday, February 04, 2010

Haweszilla! #1 by Clint Basinger

Haweszilla! #1 by Cosmic Moustache Comics. Written, drawn and produced by Clint Basinger. 28 pages in black and white with grey tones. Full color covers. Super stiff covers, super glossy. $3.00

Haweszilla takes some true facts then turns them loose. I love the art and story and reccomend this book to everyone. It tells the story of how Hawesville, KY became attacked by a monster created by their own making, sort of. The city with two water towers (They must be really thirsty.) and the making of sarghum. This small town of Hawesville, KY will never be the same. I love the recipe for the creation of this monster! I liked how all that scouting helped the superhero be ready for anything! I also liked the real photos on the back cover. This is a very inspired tale. I want everyone to buy this book today, and have fun! OH, and I really liked the funny ad on the inside covers! Oh, and the recipe in the back! HAHAHA, love it. [*****5 stars out of 5]
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