Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Yoburbalino! Comics 3-pack. Greg Farrell

From the publisher:
The Yoburbalino! Comics 3-pack, featuring the first three issues of Yoburbalino! comics by Greg Farrell. Pub. April 2010.

Breg Farrell A.K.A. Gargle Farley makes his grab-bag comic "yoburbalino!" out of a basement in Brooklyn. Chef Don, its featured character has been running around in his brain since he was a child., doing flips and bounding off walls, quite like Gene Kelly in that scene from "Singing in the Rain."

Recently, Greg has introduced a number of new characters including Don's prime foil Earl Squirrel and their friend Ronnie Randerhoeven. He has conveniently packaged the first three issues of his comic together, in what he calls "The Yoburbalino 3-Pack", so you can better get to know them all.

Once an accomplished rapper, Greg has two full-fledged hip-hop albums under his belt, and since his 'retirement' has adapted his unique word play and rhyme style to suit his comics in an updated Suessian/Silversteinian fashion. His material has been featured in Destert Island's "Smoke Signal", the "Strandzig" literary magazine and at the Daily Crosshatch.

Sequential comics, illustrated poems and recipes, collages and more are posted reguarly to his website at

Contact Greg Farrell at

This is a set of three digest books 20 pages each. I can't find a price anywhere on them or in the info above that was sent to me. The art is a bit amaturish, all in pencil with no inks and the stories sort of left me cold. Not much going on here in the stories but I liked the recipes, and the poems much more. Greg's work shows off a lot of promise and in time, I'm sure his work will appeal to a wider audience. For now I give it -- (2 out of 5 stars **)

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