Thursday, October 21, 2010

Panthology Issue One - The Pantheon Inc.

Panthology Issue One. Published by The Pantheon Inc. is a full size black and white comic with color covers, 36 pages. Cover by Cary Lee Baker. Interior stories by: Various. First we have a harrowing cover of what you don't want to see right before being operated on! Right off the bat we have an idea that this book is for adults only. They also have a M for Mature on the cover as well. The inside cover contents is a fantastic way to show off the credits of the book...on toe tags! No lie...and in color. Yes, color interior covers! Production values are way high here.

First story is Hazz Matt by Mike Edmondson. The art is passable, page one is very promising...the story is all action and continued....sigh....but does make me want to see more.

Next up: He Wakes to Darkness...with art by Cary Lee Baker, story by Jesse D. Wright, lettering by Kimberly Wright. The art is very good on this story especially the first few pages. Word balloons are too thin but that's a small nitpick...the story pulls you along and has a twist ending...nice. I'm assuming that is the end of the story as it doesn't say "the end" or continued...but seems to be the end...nice work on this one.

Next up is FAILURE by Rene Blansette. Nicely told, nicely drawn, again a bit violent (That's the theme for sure.) and has a twist ending. Rene can sure tell a story and laid out the pages/panels very nicely.

Next up: Quick Bites: "What a Girl Wants" written by Bart A. Thompson, Art by Kevin Richardson and lettering by Kim Wright. Wild story. Great art. This one is very adult with some coupling and again with the horror and twist has some EC Comics style at the start especially.

Ghosts with story and art by Cary Lee Baker. A short action a trailer for Night of the Living Dead or something....nice use of blacks and great pacing here. Well done. Cary has been producing fantastic work since I've known him (and published his work) in the 80's!

The Sitter, story/coloring/lettering by Glendon Haddix, Pencils and Inks by Steven Doty. By coloring I think he means grey tones or else this was originally in color, now produced in black and white. Story is OK, fairly predictable. Art is OK, a bit crude but passable. Pacing is very good and it keeps you reading, keeps you interested. Fits the theme of the book nicely.

Last story has no title or credits....the art has some areas that would fit in a Heavy Metal Mag....nice work there. The story is sketchy, bleak future stuff. With more of a story this artist could really fly.

All in all the book is well worth the $2.99 price. Lots of entertainment here for folks that like horror and are over 18. All of the creators in this issue show great promise and I can't wait to see more by them in the future. Pantheon could have a bright future. Here's hoping they keep on putting out work of this caliber. (The cover for #2 on the inside back cover shows a western horror theme....something I'm into.) The stories could use more fleshing out (pun intended) with more meat to them. Let's learn more about the characters. (4 stars out of 5)

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