Thursday, October 21, 2010

Slam Bang #6 vol III has a new cover by Terry Pavlet

Terry Pavlet designs a cover for Slam Bang #6 vol III and we here at Fan-Atic Press are getting excited!

This issue's deadline is end of 2010 and the theme is ROBOTS. Send a 4 to 10 page story about robots in comic book format, 5.5. x 8.5 or proportion of that. The book is 6 x 9 and will sport color covers and 150 to 200 pages of ROBOT stories. Slam Bang is sold at various comic shows and online at

Slam Bang the explosive comic anthology has been coming out sporadically since 1985. This issue will actually be #46! Be a part of history! Be in this issue!

Don't be the only kid on the block that everyone is feeling sorry for. You could have been in the book! You could have been somebody!

Contributors get a free copy of the $9.95 book, and can place a free 2" tall x 5" wide black and white ad in the back to promote your comics, your extra pair of jeans or your neighbor's dog.... just about anything. (That's legal).

Slam Bang is reviewed at and The Comic Buyer's Guide as well as various fanzines and other web sites......get noticed!


Josh Blair said...

Very cool. I will be contributing to this!

macedonio said...

as will i, provided they like my submission?

Larry D. said...

This would definitely be the book to have a story in. Looking forward to reading this. I love robots. I'm a big fan of Isaac Asimov!