Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cornelia Cartoons #5- Dangerous Bird Productions

Cornelia Cartoons #5- Dangerous Bird Productions by Kel Crum. 6" x 6" booklet with color covers and 16 black and white interior pages. 5 short stories here. The first one is the longest: A Corenlia Story "Cause and Effect" by Kel Crum. This is the best of the batch and we find Corny (Cornelia) looking for a group to join. She finally ends up with The Protest Gypsies who have A.D.H.D. so switch to a new cause each week. As with most of Kel's stories there is a moral hidden in there someplace, if you can find it. This is good fun and has it's moments of heaviness which keeps you reading not knowing what to expect next. Some very strange characters along the way helps keep your interest. The art is loose and rough in parts but clearly the story is the main focus here. I liked the ending as well. The other tales are Cornelia at a book store and another one where she gets her 15 minutes of fame which is a nice "what if" story. There is a Ed Thud Story that sort of left me cold. Not sure where Kel is coming from with his Ed stories....if I read enough of them I'm sure it'll make more sense. And the last story is another Cornelia Story where she is verbally sparring with a door-to-door salesman. Another good short tale. (3 stars out of 5) I'd rate these higher if the art was more polished but the stories alone are well worth the $1.50 here.

$2.00 ppd from: Kel Crum, 32 W. Goodman Dr. Apt 23, Fairborn, Ohio 45324