Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Restorf's ROCKING RUDES #1

Restorf's ROCKING RUDES #1. Full color covers, 15 pages, 1/2 in color, 1/2 black and white. Full size comic.

Well Oliver Restorf-Thomsen is from Germany and he illustrated and wrote this comic. He wrote me a nice letter explaining how this was a very rushed project and how it was a mixture of his web comic work and his more detailed work. Well I'm sorry to say that I couldn't really tell much difference and it all looked a bit crude to me. I think the front page introducing the characters was the best part for me. He clearly had a vision for the look of the characters but couldn't pull it off after that. I do see a spark of talent here in the art. The writing must be lost in translation as it is in English and I can read it, though it still makes little since to me. This is where I tell him to continue working on his drawing skills every day. He is young and will progress. I just know it. The writing on the other hand will take more work. ComiXpress did a very nice job with the printing. The coloring looks good and I did like the Yellow Submarine tribute page very much.

(2 our of 5 stars) Keep on keeping at it!

Check out his web comic at: http://www.clovenhand.com/webcomics/rr-8-1
Get a copy by going to www.colvenhand.com and try www.restorf.de