Tuesday, September 11, 2007

delicate AXIOM #1-Richey K. Chandler

delicate AXIOM #1-Richey K. Chandler
Digest, slick production, color covers, black and white interiors. 36 pages. No price on book.

From the back of the book:
Ken hasn't been the same since he and his friend Abdul witnessed the death of their buddy Jericho.

Ken's girlfriend, Ramani, is doing her best to keep things together. Her old friend Sherilyn is bending over backwards to help out, as is the slightly odd Julie.

Meanwhile a stranger is trying to track down Ken and Ramani, and a fortune cookie delivers an important message....

The story is called Fortune Cookies & Lamingtons. The art is very unique and tells the story very well. Nice use of blacks and the characters are all distinguishable. Backgrounds also nicely done. The cover is very nice with a splattered background that carries over to the back of the book. Nice design there. The story was very well done and what seems to be just a nice little everyday tale turns out to be much more. Surprise is the name of the game here and we get sucked into the story so that when some items come to light we are still drawn in. Some of this was like being in a dream at times. You almost felt like you were floating through the story. Everything is nicely done here and I highly recommend this to anyone. (5 out of 5 stars)

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