Sunday, October 22, 2006

COMET TALES #18 (Rocket Graphics)

COMET TALES #18 (Rocket Graphics). I've been getting Comet Tales for years in the mail from Jim Pack a long time contributor to small press comics and a frequent publisher. Most of the time the story and art by Jim, but this issue was a bit different. It's an all text story (you know like books and stuff from the library, come on you remember the library! Sheesh....) by James M. Pack called "The World the Spacers Made." 28 pages and a nice sci-fi story. Try it you'll like it! Jim also put in one of his three page comic stories in the back called "Leave it Behind" that is also nicely done. It was reprinted from "Oh Comics #6" but that was from 1993 so no problem with most of us having seen it before. Unless you have been a fan of Bob Corby's publications. (I'll talk about that another time.) *** (3 out of 5 stars since there was no inside cover or back cover, just a blank page. Ok, the inside cover could be blank, that makes it look like a real book so that's ok, but no back cover? Call me next time and I'll send you something!

There is no price on the book. There is an address on the title page so write to: Rocket Graphics, 787 Bay Harbor, Maineville, OH 45039 (Send a couple of bucks to get this issue #18, and ask about his other publications. Tell him Small Press Newsroom sent you!