Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Romantic Eye #1 and Glass Eye #1

Romantic Eye #1 and Glass Eye #1 by Blind Bat Press (Mark Innes). Romantic Eye #1 is a full size comic with full color covers, 38 bright white interior pages in black and white. This comic anothology has some fantastic contributions by creators such as: Earl Geier, Jim Siergey, Henrik Rehr, Ron Kasman, John Migliore and Larry Blake, Gord Pullar, Cav Bogelund, E. Epp and Dave Collier and Bernie Mireault. Publisher/Editor Mark Innes sure knows how to put out a great comic book! He's been doing it for years! Heck I even did a color cover painting for one of his books back in 1989, (Wavemakers #2, buy it!) yeah, I'm old. In the back of this issue is a great article about how Mark Innes has worked in the movie business as an extra! Cool stuff! Glass Eye #1 is a full color cover comic with 38 black and white newsprint paper interiors. This is also a great anthology comic with work by such creators as: Bernie Mireault, Alan Barnard, Earl Geier, Larry Blake, Jim Siergey, Ron Kasman, Rick Taylor, Mark Innes and John Migliore. Anyway check out Blind Bat Press for info on how to order these fine books and find out the other great stuff they have for sale. And as always tell 'em Small Press Newsroom sent ya!