Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Wang (The Big One) #1 & The Wang #2 by Stan Yan

The Wang #1 (The Big One) and #2 (Who's Your Daddy!) by Stan Yan. Woooo, nice work here for sure! Both issues are comic book size, about 90 pages each, $9.95, with color covers and square bound. Black and white interior art that is super fantastic all around! From the inside cover of #1: The Wang is supposed to be a graphic story about my son, Eugene Wang's "Coming-of-age" --his graduation from college and subsequent entry into the world of business. But what you hold in your hand is a pack of lies perpetrated by Mr. Stan Yan! I raised my son to be a strong, upstanding young man--not the sack of tripe Mr. Yan illustrates. Granted, he does a good job of portraying those hussies that prey on my son, but I don't have words for how appalled I am by the godless acts perpetrated in this book...and how old-looking he draws me. Shame on you, Mr. Yan--mark my word, you will burn in Hell for this!--Sincerely, Selma Wang, Mom. So how can you not buy these books? Really great art and story in both issues! (*****5 out of 5 stars for each) $9.95 each + $1.99 shipping for one or both for $19.90 + $2.99 shipping, in the usa. Get them here: The Wang #1 and #2 Tell 'em where you saw them, yeah, Small Press Newroom.