Sunday, October 22, 2006


Ka-Whump! #1 is a true classic digest small press review zine. I like this a lot and that is why it is my first review on this BLOG. Robert L. Sumner aka Floydman sent me his first issue and it is a 12 page digest with a parchment paper stiff stock cover. Great production values. The cover is very nice and I think Floydman drew it but not sure. The book is published "whenever I feel like it" says Floydman and that I can sure understand in this biz. There is a nice intro page, then we get into "The Small Press Observer" with some grreat news items, then the "Co-Op Corner" where we see some groups that we could join and get even more exposure for our books. "The Rentinal Scanner" is the review area and has a Mini Comics, Digest Sized, Mid Mag Sized, Standard Comic Sized and Magazine Sized area of reviews! Whew, nicely done. He has a 5 eyeball rating system also. The last segment is "And So It Goes..." a wrap up of his goals for the mag in the future. Nicely done! (Plus there is a small ad for my Slam Bang comic, woooo.) Inside covers are nicely laid out full page ads. Back cover is a full page ad for a Yahoo Group: "Small Press Palaver" that I'm also a member of. * * * * (4 stars out of 5, I'd give 5 if it had more pages, I want more!)

Send $2.00 (Includes shipping) to: Robert L. Sumner, PO Box 1523, Depoe Bay, OR 97341. You may also get a very cool, nicely printed mini catalog of all of his works as well! Tell him "Small Press Newsroom" sent ya!