Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Haven #1 by Making Comics Studios

Haven #1 by Making Comics Studios (MC) came out about a year ago but since Christopher Moshier is a friend of mine and works for Fan-Atic Press I had no choice but review it here for him. (OK, I wanted to.) This is a 20 page story (25 with other items such as a look at the cover to #2 and a 2 page spread art page in color showing more.) comic in full color. Created and Written by Christopher Moshier, Pencils by William C. Jamison, Inking by Yul Espinosa, Coloring by Cathy Harford, Lettering by Jay La Valley. I really like the story and the art does improve as the story progresses. This chilling future (What If) story of how the world powers could change everything as we know it is well worth buying. I've seen some of the pages from the soon to be released 2nd issue of HaVen and it is even more powerful. There will be improvements in the art and the coloring as well. Get on this series and find out what the future could bring if things continue at their current pace. (3 and a 1/2 stars out of 5, the story is worth at least 3 stars by itself.) Cover price is $2.95. Visit www.havencomic.com and www.makingcomicsstuidos.com for info on how to purchase issues #1 and #2 and find out what other comics writer and publisher Christopher Moshier is up to! Tell him Small Press Newsroom sent ya!