Wednesday, October 25, 2006

MIGHTYGUY #1 and #2

MIGHTYGUY #1 and #2. Ok, I just talked about Tim Corrigan's books but heck, MIGHTYGUY is so zainy and wacky and fun I just had to show you this ad that was in the back of Fred 'n' Marvin. (Click this ad for a larger view.) Anyway, there is a very long new Fred 'n' Marvin strip in Slam Bang #1 vol III with me in it! (Shameless plug: Tim is interviewed in Slam Bang #2 vol III.) That can be had here:Fan-Atic Press visit the "STORE". Anyway please buy Tim's comics so he will be inspired to make more. I have the first volume of this series and I'm putting my Check made out to Tim Corrigan in the mail today for MIGHTYGUY #2! As sure as the sky is blue. Bluish yellow. Or pinkish orangish purple. Ok the sun is going down. (***** 5 stars out of 5 for MIGHTYGUY #1 as I have read it cover to cover and loved it.) Did I mention that Tim Corrigan got a Lifetime Achievment Award (Plaque) at the SPACE Con in Columbus Ohio earlier this year! Watch Him Accept the Award and then Watch Him Drawing MIGHTYGUY.