Monday, October 23, 2006

Tacklebear and Barko the Stickdog #1

Tacklebear and Barko the Stickdog #1 is a full size comic, color heavy gloss covers with 34 pages of black and white comics inside. Taklebear and Barko are some simple fun loving characters and this book is mostly aimed at kids but everyone will like it to some degree. The book is by long time cartoonist Dean LeCrone. I met Dean at the San Diego Comic Con in 2003. (We hook up now every year at the con. He is a great guy, funny, and creative. Last year at the con we spent every day all day almost shooting interviews with me on camera and Dean doing interviews. More news about this very funny DVD to be out in November later.....) This comic doesn't have a price on it but from the web site at it says: Send $4.00 in a check or money order made out to Dean LeCrone and send to: Sourdirt Comics, P.O. Box 502074, San Diego, CA92150-2074 And ask Dean about some of his other fine books like the Doc Smith mini comic or Digest book! (I rate this book ****, 4 out of 5 stars. For me that is. If I was a kid I'm sure it'd be 5 out of 5.) The art is well done and it's a very fun read!