Monday, October 30, 2006

Twilight the Battle of Spiritual Warfare #1 and #2

Twilight the Battle of Spiritual Warfare #1 and #2 is a comic by Germaine Webb with lettering by Jason Bullock. From the web site: "The saga begins for John when he is shown information by an relative who is a scientist working on a top-secret military project for the government and is later murdered. John Fonts is so sucked into a secret war that has been going on before the dawn of man. After the sudden death of his cousin, police detective John Neal is unwillingly dragged into a world of spirits, angels, and demons, a world where the very fate of humanity rest on his shoulders."

If you check out the web site you can see most of issue #1 and some of issue #2. The story and art and lettering is a bit amaturish needs polishing. The art is sparse with not much as to backgrounds and the style is very anime looking which is OK in itself but here it needs to be more evloved and thought out. The story was slow in progressing and had some holes in the plot (Someone losing their key card (for instance) while running away is too cliche.) and needs more punch. I really think it is beneficial for creators to show their work around as much as possible before getting it printed. You really want to show your best, highest quality work. If your art and story needs work you should keep making changes to it, no matter how drastic to keep improving. Once you take your pages to a comic show and get some great responses I'd not go to the expense of printing the books. Showing them online is great as long as it is used as a learning experience. Take all the input you get from the pros, take notes and apply as much of it as you can to your story and art. Also have someone proof read your lettering. Show it to as many people you know with good English skills. Let them take the pages if you know them well enough, and let them mark on some copies, and then make sure you correct your mistakes. There is a blog area on their site I invite all the readers of this Newsroom to post your comments there. You can tell that Germaine is very serious about his work and from what he has told me he would love to have some useful comments to help him progress. I must admit I read the story of #1 from his website and have not actually held the comics in my hands so I can't completely review the books as far as printing quality and other book design elements. If I do receive the books in the mail I'll post up a complete review. I believe issues #1 and #2 are out and you can order them onine HERE. Cover prices are $3.25 eash, and printed by Ka-Blam! I believe. (From what I see here I'd have to give this series a STARS 1 & 1/2 . That is 1 and 1/2 stars out of 5 with lots of potential if Germaine keeps striving to improve while creating more comics. The color could have added another dimention to the art but it looks mostly flat and rushed. Just more things to consider in the future.)